Give us any product's URL and we will monitor its price for you.

PriceMonitoro is an Artificial Intelligence -based data extractor that works immediately for any site.

No time wasted setting up web scrapers and reconfiguring them as they keep breaking.

Whether you need one product checked once a day, or thousands every hour, we’ve got you covered.

Pay only for what you use. No fixed, setup or subscription costs.

Works immediately for any site: if you can see the price on the page, so can PriceMonitoro.

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Start monitoring your competitors' prices

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What makes PriceMonitoro the best tool for price monitoring?

We are obsessed with data accuracy

We use state of the art Machine Learning tools and techniques to continuously hone PriceMonitoro for accuracy and reliability.

We continually grow our database of tagged webpage samples, currently at more than 50.000 product URLs from more than 2.000 different sites, including all 100 top retail sites in the world.

PriceMonitoro handles splash-screens, cookie/GDPR/offer pop-ups, Javascript, etc. to get to the product’s price as a human would.

At present, PriceMonitoro achieves 95.7% accuracy, meaning that for every 1000 new URLs (web pages it has never seen) it will extract the correct price for 957 of them. Accuracy is even higher for web pages that PriceMonitoro has already seen.

Bounty program: if we miss the correct price for any of your URLs, we will reward you for helping us improve PriceMonitoro by crediting you with twice as many free URL checks.

Product data delivered

Product’s name, image, price and availability.

Different currencies? We got it.

Product variants? Done. PriceMonitoro handles color, size, weight, memory and volume variants.

Prices with or without taxes.

Stock availability.

PriceMonitoro has zero onboarding complexity

No demos or calls with our sales team. Start price-monitoring your URLs in minutes. Of course, if you’d like to we’d love to chat.

As easy as a Google Sheets spreadsheet

  1. Create as many free copies as you need of our PriceMonitoro-powered Google Sheets spreadsheet template.
  2. Paste in your PriceMonitoro API key.
  3. Paste in your URLs.
  4. If needed, specify how often you want each URL checked. Default is once every day.
  5. Click the Update now button.

DONE! Your spreadsheet will start communicating with PriceMonitoro via the API and filling itself with your URL price data.

Daily email alerts

Anything that requires your attention (repricing opportunities or other events) will be emailed to you daily right into your inbox.


Integrate PriceMonitoro into your IT infrastructure via our REST API.

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$0.006 per URL check
URLs monitored
Daily checks per URL
Total monthly cost
for a 30-day month

Pay only for what you use.

You fully control how often every single URL is checked. Default is once every day.

You may disable/reenable URLs as you wish.

You will be notified of any URL that stops working (returns an error or a 404, times out, etc.) so you can disable it if needed. If left enabled, it will be rechecked the next day, then 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 days after, then automatically disabled.

Bounty program: if we miss the correct price for any of your URLs, we will reward you for helping us improve PriceMonitoro by crediting you with twice as many free URL checks.

No credit card required

PriceMonitoro makes these roles happy

Product Managers

No more time wasted learning to use the next visual tool to build scrapers and reconfigure them as they keep breaking.

IT managers

Stop wasting developer time building custom scraping software and keeping up with competitor sites as they keep changing.

Revenue Managers

Never again miss revenue opportunities due to outdated price data. The right competitor price-monitoring solution should red-flag underperforming products for you instead of having you waste your time navigating cumbersome analytics interfaces to find them.

Brand Managers

Make sure distributors and retailers abide by your MAP policies.